With the graphic design industry constantly evolving, it can be hard to stay on top of trends. And staying current is key to captivating your audience. To help you stay ahead of the curve in 2023, we’ve collected some of the most eye-catching trends that businesses and creatives can apply to your designs and ensure your brand stands out from competitors today.

Minimal Vintage

Minimalist vintage - a subtrend from minimalism, has been gaining popularity as it merges the simplicity of minimalism with classic elements reminiscent of decades past. This emerging trend subtly hints at 20th-century appeal using colour palettes and typography that tactfully evoke familiarity with those times. It's a perfect balance of keeping only the essentials, which allows viewers to focus on details rather than being distracted by unnecessary elements and clutter. So if you're looking for an understated elegance – consider vintage minimalism!

Prominent Photography

Photography is a major element that can bring life to any design, whether it's physical prints or on the web. In the past, it was acceptable to use generic stock images as long as it fits the message of your designs. But today, we are seeing designers or businesses become more creative in their uses of photography -- using their own photography or finding inventive uses for existing photos. This doesn’t only apply to product photos, but people, nature and other objects that can evoke an emotion or tell a story. 

We can expect more glamorous photography-driven designs in design – 3D imagery and interactive elements such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will become increasingly prevalent tools used by brands looking to push visual boundaries while communicating with potential customers effectively. 

3D Elements

The possibilities of 3D artwork and design are seemingly endless. With powerful software like Cinema 4D and Adobe, designers can create their own pieces of unique 3-dimensional artwork with ease. Do not think that 3D is limited to digital products as well! Instead of snapped portraits or typing out words with standard fonts; why not use 3D typography or characters instead?
Go beyond traditional boundaries and experiment with interactive elements that engage consumers and generate more impactful results than ever before. Even if the design did not generate sales, at the least you’ll attract their attention and make an impression.


The graphic design landscape of 2023 has seen a major shift with the return of serif fonts. Serif fonts offer an aesthetic of clean minimalism on branding, packaging and other products as well as improved legibility and user experience across a range of platforms. As more brands turn towards making digital content more accessible and in tune with offline content, serif fonts are more popular than ever.

Condensed Fonts

Typography is at the creative core of every design, and in 2023 it’s pushed even further! Condensed fonts will be especially popular, with their commanding & bold styling, which allows businesses to inject personality into their brand. Whether you’re looking for a font to add some personality to your designs or want to make a statement, there’s sure to be a quirky font that fits the bill. With these typefaces being slightly aggressive, make sure to temper these loud fonts with stark colour schemes or more neutral tones to drive your message.

As the world moves forward from post-pandemic chaos, it has brought about changes that are visibly impacting how brands interact with customers. Start preparing your business for success by diving deep into the latest trends in visual communication and revamping or creating a brand identity that is truly unique to separate yourself from competitors. 

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