Advantages of Business Cards


People remember you when you offer a business card


With the business world still picking up speed after the pandemic, businesspeople and representatives of companies need every advantage to connect with potential buyers, suppliers, and partners. Same-day or next-day business card printing provides a valuable tool to ensure the people you encounter in business meetings, conventions, and seminars remember who you are and connect you to the company you represent.


What are Business Cards?

During the pandemic, the business card was all but forgotten as the business world embraced an online method of continuing the personal connections that have always been important in the world of commerce. Zoom meetings and emails took the place of a face-to-face meeting, and many people thought the convenience factor of these digital media would doom personal business meetings forever. 

However, once countries began loosening their restrictions and opening their borders again, the business world picked up steam and continued like before, with an added sense of urgency to make up for lost time. Expositions, conventions, demonstrations, and seminars have become more popular than ever as companies and entrepreneurs spread the word about their products and services, and the benefits and advantages of business cards have made a comeback.   

Business cards represent an inexpensive, uncomplicated, and quick way to pass along personal information. If you're an entrepreneur, your success could hinge on your ability to forge a bond with other business people, and the business card represents a key advantage in opening the door to opportunities.   


Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities

Conventions, seminars and other mass gatherings present the perfect opportunity to meet and make a solid, lasting impression on people. However, offering people something to remember who you are is key in opening the doors to new opportunities. The advantage of business cards is that a person can immediately match a printed name, company logo, and contact information to a face and take that information back to the office with them. Business cards are the easiest and most inexpensive way to get the most out of mass business gatherings. 


Create a Favorable Impression

You create a favorable impression by presenting someone with a business card with relevant information about you and your company. You've come prepared for the meeting or networking session, and people appreciate the gesture. Including your contact details makes it clear you're open to creating a connection and exploring mutual opportunities.    


Present a Professional Image

Every company has a logo that people use to identify them. People may only associate you with a specific company if you offer them a visual cue to link the company and its logo with yourself. 

Branding and marketing do this job for the corporate brand online and offline in media, magazines and advertising. Business cards represent a personal way to present a professional image that links you with your company's logo and image. Handing out a business card emblazoned with a successful company's logo can also gain people's attention and open doors. If you’re just starting to build a brand name and reputation, having professional quality business cards shows you take your brand and yourself seriously.   


Etiquette and Cultural Considerations

For many years, business cards have been seen as a necessity as much as a benefit. The ritual of exchanging business cards, in Asia particularly, has developed its own etiquette at the start of every meeting. To join a meeting without the courtesy of introducing yourself by way of a business card is simply unthinkable to many businesspeople. The tradition of trading business cards breaks the ice, allows people to get to know a little about each other, and gives people a chance to exchange pleasantries before getting down to the purpose of the meeting. 

The information contained on business cards is also often used as a conversation starter. Having prior connections and past business with members of a company is often the key to building future relationships. The time to learn about these past connections is when business cards are exchanged. 


Keep Business Cards Up-to-date

The need to always keep business cards up-to-date is also important. With job promotions, change of office addresses, and companies often rebranding, having the correct information on your business card is crucial to always staying easy to reach. 


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