Name cards play a crucial role in networking, and is the first step to create a memorable impression on potential customers and business associates. While ordering name cards online may sound overwhelming, fret not! Our step-by-step guide is here to navigate you through the process, ensuring a seamless and successful experience for name card printing.

1. Register Account

Please register an account on our website.

2. Select Name Card Options

Choose the specific name card product you need. 

In this case, we’ll go with the most popular option: Standard name cards

  • If you have your design ready for printing, select ‘Upload Your Design’.

  • If you would like us to help with your design, select ‘Let Us Design’.

  • If you would like to design your own using our templates, select ‘Browse Our Templates’.

3. Select The Specifications

From the size, number of printing sides (1 side / 2 sides) , finishing, etc, you can customise your selections to choose the best name card for you. We also highlight our most popular options for your reference if you’re not sure what to choose. We only offer 1 sided or 2 sided printing regardless of the colours. So if you want black colour on the back, please select for 2 sided print.

4. Choose Your Quantity and Delivery Date

Once you select your name card options, the price and delivery dates will be available immediately for selection. Pick your preferred option and you can go straight to upload your file and make payment.

Attention: We print 1 name per order. If you have multiple names, kindly place them separately. We will explain further on a simple way to do this below ;)

5. Upload Your File

You can select the method to upload your file however we prefer PDF files for printing.
We also offer an ‘Online Proof’ option where we will check through the file and send a preview for confirmation before printing. No worries if you need to re-upload a new file. We will keep checking and sending new previews until the file is approved for printing.

6. Double Check Selections & Proceed to Checkout

Once you uploaded your file, the item will be added to your shopping cart. Make sure to double confirm your selections before proceeding to checkout. From here, you can select your billing and shipping options, and we will ship directly to you. 

If your company needs a quote for payment purposes, you can select ‘Download Quote’ instead. 

For multiple names, please refer to these steps instead.

     1. After selecting all your options, choose ‘Upload Later’ for your artwork and the item will be added into your shopping cart.

    2. Go to your ‘Shopping Cart’ and you can duplicate the order. If you have 3 names, duplicate the order twice and you will have 3 items in your cart.

    3. You can then proceed for payment. And upload the files for each name after payment is complete.

And this is it to order for name cards! By following this step-by-step guide, you can confidently navigate the process, from selecting the options to receiving your high-quality name cards. Remember, your name cards serve as a representation of your professional identity, so invest the time and effort to create a design that stands out and accurately reflects your brand. 

Get ready to make a memorable impression at your next networking event with your brand-new name cards! Should you need them urgently for an event, we even offer sameday delivery as well!