Name cards represent the first impression of your brand & company.  Despite the amount of automation, name cards are still irreplaceable especially for networking opportunities and remain as one of the most key points of branding. With all the name card options available, how do you know which to choose? Read on to find out the variety we offer and which is most suitable for your purpose!


1. Standard Name Card


This is our most popular name card option which uses standard material (art card). Art card is the most widely used material for name card printing and also an economical option.

2. Hot Stamped Name Card

Hot stamping name cards include adding a metallic hot foil on certain elements of your design to give a luxurious feel to the card. You are able to select specific colours of the foil (most popular: gold & silver) as well.

You can also choose different materials to print your cards on. Please note that hot stamped name cards require vector artwork for the hot stamped area and need to be prepared on Adobe Illustrator.

3. Spot Varnish Name Card


Spot Varnish name cards will add a transparent gloss coating on certain areas of the card so there is a contrast in texture and those areas are accentuated. 

Art Cards: only material for spot varnish name cards however you can choose the thickness you prefer, with our most popular option being the 310gsm art card. Spot Varnish name cards also require preparation on Adobe Illustrator as well for vector designs.

4. Textured Name Card


Linen Paper: Lightly textured and is made from linen fibres then showing the textured effect on the paper. When large color areas are printed on the textured paper, you can actually see the great detail and quality of the paper. However please note that the colours may appear patchy due to this.

5. Recycled Name Card


Our Recycled Name Cards are made from eco-friendly materials: Beyond Paper, Kraft Card & Sensation Gloss Recycled.

Beyond Paper & Sensation Gloss Recycled Paper: Lightly textured so they won’t have a smooth surface.
Kraft Card: a brown based material so all colors will appear darker when printed on it, as the color of the kraft card affects the brightness of the printing.

We do not offer any finishing for recycled materials as these are uncoated materials and meant to showcase the original texture of the materials. This also means you will be able to write on them.


6. Folded Name Card 


With our Folded Name Cards, you can select the folding and size before printing. When you click on the grey ‘zoom-out’ button, it will show the artwork layout we need.

We have a variety of materials available for folded name cards and you can choose different laminations as well.

Finishings: Provide quality finish and add protection to the surface of the cards.

  1. Matte Lamination: Gives a matte effect that is non reflective and showcase the muted and professional look of the card

  2. Glossy Lamination: Adds a clear glossy sheen on the card so colours appear more vibrant and dramatic.

Selecting the appropriate material and finishing for your name card printing can be daunting. However, armed with the right knowledge about your name card's design and purpose, making this decision becomes much easier. We hope this article helps provide valuable insights to guide you in choosing the ideal options for your name cards. Should you require expert assistance, our team is always ready to assist. We also offer express printing if you need name cards urgently!