With so many sticker choices available, it can be confusing when all you want is to print your design. Hence it's important to understand the different types and materials to make an informed decision about your sticker printing. In this blog post, we'll explore the various types and materials we have available.

When it comes to sticker types, there is a huge variety to choose from, with each offering unique features and functions. Here are some popular sticker types we offer and their details:

  • Sticker Sheets

Placed on A4 sticker sheets, the design is printed and duplicated on the entire page.

1. Paper Sticker Sheets


Made from paper, they are commonly used indoors as product labels or packaging. Paper stickers are also easy to write on and have different finishes such as matte (simili sticker) or glossy (mirrorcoat sticker). They are also cost-effective so if you require a simple sticker label printed in bulk, this is the best option.

2. PP Sticker Sheets

PP stickers are waterproof and tear-resistant, making them suitable for a variety of purposes, including product labels, food packaging, cosmetic labels etc. It’s also our most popular sticker option and offers the most value for money.

3. Clear Sticker Sheets


These are transparent stickers with the same material as our PP sticker sheets. Being see-through, they allow the background to show through the sticker design and show a seamless appearance when applied to surfaces, creating a ‘no-label’ look. It’s important to note that we do not print white colour and any design printed will not have a fully solid background.

4. Kraft Paper Sticker Sheets


Our kraft paper stickers are made from natural brown material and are often used for organic or eco-friendly packaging. As they convey a rustic and environmentally conscious message. Like most paper materials, they are not water-resistant. With their brown colour, any design printed on them will appear darker so it’s important to keep this in mind when designing.

5. Silver Sticker Sheets


Silver stickers have a shiny, reflective surface and are tear-resistant & water-resistant. Their striking appearance makes them a good choice for any products requiring a premium look.

  • Sticker Rolls

Printed and delivered in roll form, they are separated into smaller sticker rolls (sizes between 1 - 3 cm) and standard sticker rolls. They are suitable for large quantities and can be machine dispensed.

Material types:

1. Simile Sticker: Paper sticker with a natural feel and matte surface.

2. Mirrorcoat Sticker: Paper sticker with a glossy surface.

3. PP (Polypropylene) Sticker: Sticker with firm base and glossy feel. Waterproof and removable, making them suitable for fridges & freezers.

4. White PE (Polyethylene) Sticker: Waterproof stickers that allow light stretching, perfect for bottles or irregular shapes.

5. Silver PP Sticker: PP sticker with silver base.

6. Transparent OPP Sticker: Transparent, waterproof sticker with glossy surface.

7. Tissue Paper Sticker: Paper sticker that is breakable and used for sealing luggage.

8. Breakable PVC: Destructive PVC sticker that is breakable with minimal effort during removal. Usually for product warranties to prevent opening or use.

  • Individual Stickers

Stickers that are printed and delivered individually


1. Car Window Sticker

Clear window stickers utilizing static cling to adhere upon surfaces and leaves no residue upon removal. Great for sticking on any glass/ smooth surfaces, we also offer the option to add a white base layer or double sided print for different designs on both sides of the sticker.

2. Vinyl Lettering Sticker


Vinyl lettering stickers specifically cut out on the sticker colour of your choice based on your design. Suitable indoors & outdoors , they can be placed on any smooth surface.

3. Reflective Vinyl Lettering Sticker


Same properties as the vinyl lettering sticker, these are reflective, making them useful for businesses needing to attract attention in areas of low visibility. 

Each sticker type has their own unique features that suit a wide range of uses and design preferences.  We hope this breakdown of the different sticker types we offer helps you better understand the options available and guide you in making the best decision for your sticker selection process. Read our other blog to get more details about preparing the design for sticker printing. Once your design is ready, all you just need is to find a sticker printing shop. And if you need last minute express printing? Order stickers with us today and we can get them to you by the end of the same day!